Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trash cans, doors and canes, Oh My!

So William is just really a Hoot lately.  He is such the drama queen lately too.   He just turned 2.5!!!

So this week:

he's all about independence these days.  He wants to open and shut doors himself.   He wants to climb into and out of his car seat now, which actually is saving mommy's back!  He wants to get his own dishes out.  And if you even think of doing it, he'll put it back and then get it back out himself. 

He asked if he could see Mama and Papa (my parents) on the way home from day care, I said not tonight, but maybe later on.  He immediately burst into tears.  Keep in mind he had just seen 'mama' the night before after a visit at the hospital and refused to talk to her then.

I found him last night, in our shower stall, with the dirty clothes hamper, just giggling up a storm.   Maybe he thought he could 'shower' the dirty clothes?   He is just obsessed with anything with a door and trash cans (which our clothes hamper looks like one!).

When reading "One Fish, Two Fish" last night, he was holding his stuffed giraffe from the zoo.  When we got to the page about the Yink Drink Pink Ink, he held the giraffe's face/mouth up to the picture of the cup on the book so the giraffe could have a drink too.    He also has this book almost memorized.  Before I could turn the page, he was already saying "Brush, brush, brush, brush, comb, comb, comb, comb".......I couldn't believe he really knew the next page.  After reading this book over 100x (and it is rather long at 50pages), i still didn't know that was the next page, but he did before i even turned it!

We also had our share of bumps and bruises this week- the first of many.   He fell and hit his nose on the coffee table, got a little scratch on the side that bled, but not bad, however, the side of his little nose is all bruised up.  Then he fell running and got a strawberry and knot on his forehead too.   BOYS!  I'll knock on wood that we haven't had any bad falls or scrapes yet and no ER visits!!!! 

He also started kissing girls!  at least he got a good one!

Of course he is still asking when we are going to go 'eat with pooh bear'......patient kid, we have about 7 months to go!!!

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