Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm a BIG Boy Mommy

Well it is that time.............our baby is growing up and moving on to a big boy bed. We've been pretty fortunate that William has always been a good sleeper (well after the first two months).

He started sleeping in his crib upstairs (almost through the night) at 2 months old and has been a good sleeper ever since. Since he is so tall, he was quickly outgrowing his day bed (basically his crib with the front taken off to make a day bed). He was just getting too long for it. So mama and papa kindly bought him a new big boy bedroom set.
We spotted a nice full size bedroom set at Ashley and got it. We found some cute navy/orange/gray bedding at Target- something that can grow with him. We got a full size bed so that it can grow with him too and last him until he is off to college. He loves his next bedroom set. We also moved him into another bedroom. We have two bedrooms upstairs, plus a loft/playroom and a full bath. Will's nursery was at the top of the stairs. Alan used the other, larger bedroom as our 'office'.

But we decided to move William into the bigger bedroom now that he is a big boy (and well has so many toys!). So now he has a bit more room and his bedroom is right above our master bedroom, so we can hear every movement. His first night in his big boy bed was great- he hasn't fallen out of the bed yet. Of course that first night, my baby video monitor decided to break and finally die after 3 years. So I wasn't able to set up the camera and keep an eye on him, which meant I made at least 3 trips upstairs to check on him and make sure he was asleep and had not fallen out of the bed!
Now I can often hear him reading his books by the light of his nightlights (or a flashlight) before he drifts off. He really likes being a 'big boy' although that hasn't stopped him from inviting me to sleep with him more than once. But he always has slept on his own (we didn't want to start that habit!) and is doing so great as a BIG BOY!!!

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Kelly said...

What a big boy!! Love the bedroom's gorgeous! So hard to believe we have boys in big beds, huh? Where has time gone?? :)