Saturday, February 5, 2011

Only in Texas...........

Only in Texas can we go from a beautiful weekend of mid 70 temperatures to record breaking freezing and snow. Last weekend (Jan 29th), we enjoyed some fun both outside and in.......the weather was gorgeous and we spent some time outside, going for walks in his wagon and working in the yard. William helped me rake leaves and sweep the sidewalk- we both worked so hard, we got blisters!

We also visited the playground, one of his favorite things to do- so warm, no jacket needed!We also spent some mommy and me time at the movies. This was only his second time at the movies and he did okay. We saw Tangled and he loved having popcorn and a drink. He kept trying to repeat outloud everything said in the movie though. And as mentioned..........only in Texas........we got from a lovely warm weekend to crazy amounts of sleet and snow. February greeted us on Tuesday with a shower of freezing rain starting in the very early morning hours. I had an important meeting to attend, so I had to brave the cold and bad roads, luckily Alan drove me. I was able to leave a bit early and all schools had closed for the day. Wednesday was no better and again schools were cancelled. I worked from home part of the day. Thursday, more of the same, however I managed to make it into work with the truck and my sister watched William for me, since schools were canceled for a third day in a row- which is unheard of here! And finally today, Friday......again, schools canceled............unbelievable! The roads are 2 inches of ice now covered by about 6 inches of snow that just fell this morning. It is beautiful, but treacherous and just in time for the Superbowl.

So yep, don't like the weather in Texas? Just wait a minute, it will change!


Allison said...

yep, only in TX...I just hope this was the last of it! I can't handle any more snow/ice days with my kids.

Kelly said...

So jealous of that playground pic!!! LOVE the Mickey shirt too!