Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Toffee Anyone?

After a horrible week of ice and snow, the first week of February, we finally ventured out to the mall for fear of cabin fever.

Will had a great time, getting a cookie as a sweet treat, lunch at the food court and a toy at the Disney Store. Out of all the toys there, he narrows it down to two toys, a lightning mcqueen race car or a princess tea set. So what does he choose? The princess tea set. Yep, my little guy loves playing with fake dishes! It came in a pretty giant pink tea pot and has a setting of four cups, plates and everything else for tea.

We also visited Build a Bear for the first time and let him make a stuffed animal friend. He picked a stuffed dog. He had a lot of fun bringing him to life.
And then giving him a 'bath'. Then we picked out clothes. The dog got some joe boxer underwear, pants and a button up shirt. I asked William what he wanted to name him and he has a hard time coming up with original names, usually he says a kid's name from his class or a family member, like Brynley. So we worked through some names and came up with Toffee. Now Toffee sleeps with William every single night!

Despite the chilly outside, we had a great little outing at the mall.

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