Monday, February 14, 2011

High Expectations?

We're in trouble now! Will is going to have such skewed expectations when it comes to life. We took him to his first Dallas STARS hockey game on Sunday, courtesy of some nice friends who had a suite and are long time season ticket holders. I guess they get a suite a few times a year and invited us along. Of course we typically would not be in a suite, but the cheap seats. We've been extremely lucky to have opportunities through family, friends or work for the good seats from time to time at sporting events.

Our friends have three young kids, including a 3yo daughter that is just Will's age, so it was perfect.

So as we sat in the comfy suite, chowing down on yummy food (Will ate a huge hot dog and a lot more!), I started to think how I hope he doesn't expect this as the norm! I guess he is also spoiled when it comes to vacations/Disney too. He has already been to the beach once and to Disney World twice and he is only three. So as I sat there munching my popcorn and watching the game, I counted my blessings and thought how lucky we are. As an only child, (for the time being), he gets spoiled a lot, but we are definitely trying to instill that nothing in life is free and appreciate what you have! But until he is old enough to really understand that lesson, I'll guess he'll just enjoy the view!By the way, Will and Savannah had a great time at the game, he read to her, they shared race cars and gave each other hugs. So darn cute!

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