Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday on a blustery day!

We attended Samantha and Mallory's first birthday party this weekend at the park. Talk about a blustery day, Winnie the Pooh would have been miserable! William, however, had a blast. We spent some time at the park sliding down slides, climbing through tunnels and overall getting dirty. Of course I had to outdo William and got dirtier, as someone's cake plate blew across the table onto my back, leaving red icing all over me. It's not a party until someone makes a mess, right?

William had great fun in the bounce house- his first bounce house experience. He thought it was hilarious to just walk around and fall down over and over in there.

Mallory- one of the birthday girls! Happy bday girls! I remember when your mom got the exciting news it was twins :)

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Allison said...

looks like he had a great time!