Sunday, July 6, 2008

8 months old and crawling!

WEll i turned 8 months old on June 30th! and i have been crawling since 7.5 months. started off as the army crawl, but now i am all over the house! I have discovered the stairs too. don't worry, mommy and daddy are putting up a gate. I really like pulling myself up to my knees, but i am still working on learning how to pull up to my feet on my own.
Mommy bought me a new ball and i love playing catch!
Here's my fourth of JUly outfit- we went out to Lake Tawakoni with some friends and I had a blast and saw my first fireworks!

i am so busy these days playing. I love playing my piano!

I also love this activity table that belonged to my cousin Mikey. I like to stand at it and flip the pages on the book

And here is my cute pirates outfit! I think i am going to have a pirates theme for my first birthday party!

and here is a video of some crawling!


Kelly said...

Will looks so grown-up standing and playing at his table and piano! Looks like you guys had fun on the 4th - I love the pic of him sitting in your lap!!

Holly said...

Too cute! Love the Army Crawl! My oldest did that too :)