Wednesday, July 30, 2008

9 months old!

So I am finally 9 months old. Really starting to close in on the year mark! Yeah. I had my doc appt and i am 22lbs which is 75th percentile and almost 30 inches tall which is 90th percentile. My head is still off the charts huge at 97th percentile. The doctor was happy that my weight didn't increase too much and that I am coming down to a more normal weight instead of so off the charts. I had two shots and a finger prick. they think i am anemic, but will test again at a year. I am along the lines of an 11 month old developmentally.
I am eating more and more tablefood even though I still don't have any teeth. I am just a little late on getting teeth, but it's pretty normal. I am eating snacks like puffs and stuff too. I am always eyeing Mommy and Daddy's food.
I am crawling like crazy, in fact I crawled full steam ahead into a dining room chair the other night and got a knot on my head. I am also pulling up to standing on my own regularly now, especially in my crib or pak and play.
I am in a bigger class at day care too and I love it. Daddy thinks I really love my new morning teacher- he says I am so happy when he drops me off. When mommy picks me up, i am always having fun playing on the floor with my friends.
I really love playing on daddy's lap at his computer. So he gave me my very own keyboard to punch away at all I want. I really like to bang my other toys on it.
My Aunt Chele and Uncle Rich brought over one of my cousin Garrett's and Camille's old toys. I love it! I know you are reading this Camille- Hi and thank you!!!!Nene also came over one night this week and we played on my little scooter- again, another hand me down from cousins (Ally and Mikey!). Boy we love all the hand me down big toys- I LOVE playing with them, so good thing I have lots of cousins (7 in all!). Nene would push me to Mommy and then back and forth.
We also went to the waterpark, since we didn't get enough at the beach! We went to Hawaiian Falls in North Garland and met up with Nene and then some of mommy's old work friends, Alissa and Jennifer. Jennifer brought her son Ian and Alissa brought her two nephews. We had a blast as usual.

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Kelly said...

I LOVE the pic of Will with the huge smile in his ride-on toy. He just looks so happy! I think these months are just so much fun....Brady is always happy and smiling and sooooo interactive! Looks like Will is too!