Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa's almost here!

We've been very busy getting ready for Christmas the past few weeks. William even decided to help cook!
William also disovered the recycling bin and a few cans to bang together.

William also loves the dog bed- nice and comfy and covered with dog hair!
He is also very helpful with wrapping gifts!

He is now discovering how to climb on things......he stands on his little chair and tries to climb onto the couch!

Posing with mommy!
someone also likes to try and climb the stairs (supervised) and play upstairs

He still loves his little red car

and the latest......he has learned to throw fits. yay! Face down, screaming and crying, then he scoots himself across the floor face down, getting rug burns on his nose.

Helping in the kitchen again

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Kelly said...

So glad to hear that Will does the face-scoot on the floor too!!! We thought Brady was just crazy! ;) He will push himself across the room on his forehead....and also usually after a temper-tantrum!