Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We hope everyone enjoyed a great Valentine's day, full of love from family and friends! Alan and I enjoyed a night out last night and actually saw a movie- only the third one I've seen at the theatre since Will was born! Will had a great time hanging out with Mama and Auntie- thanks guys!
Will now likes to shake his head 'no'. check it out!
He also thought it was funny to put his bottle on his foot and play with it.

We just repainted and redid Will's bathroom upstairs in a Mickey theme- see below!

William was having some fun playing with the phone the other night. Until I actually needed to call my mom and he didn't like me taking it away at all!

Hello? anyone there?

William also fell at day care and hit his head on the table. Second incident report in two weeks! The other one was for biting another kid last week. He also bit me at home this week. We are trying to find ways to get him to stop. He tends to do it when he is frustrated or mad. Poor guy- check out the knot/bruise on his head.

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Kelly said...

Love the videos!! So cute shaking his head no....and the bottle...he is a ham! ;) Brady also loves the phone - he's obsessed with the buttons. The Mickey bathroom came out AWESOME! I love it!!!!!!