Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring is in the air!

William is really enjoying springtime! Here we are just getting ready for bed. He now sits at the big boy table and eats so good (usually!). He really loves hot dogs (turkey dogs) and cheese as well as green beans.
he is really into blocks lately, so we broke out the legos, although he hasn't figured out how to connect them, but he does enjoy just throwing them and picking them up.

Saturday morning- we eat breakfast in the living room and watch cartoons!

And my boy loves to vacuum. When i vacuum, he follows me around with his. he takes that thing all over the house, if only it really worked, huh?

William loves his slide and playground- here he is going down it. Our living room turns into a playground on the weekends, it almost looks like we have our own day care in there!

William also learned how the lion goes......rrrraaaawwwhhh! He does it very quietly and it is so cute!

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Kelly said...

Omigod Michelle....I think I could have posted the same exact blog post, only with Brady using/doing all the same things!!! How funny! He is obsessed with blocks lately - as well as vaccuuming with the same vaccuum. We have the Step 2 Lookout Treehouse as a permanent fixture in our family room for him to play on now. (Can't wait until the warm weather to move it outside!). Brady even eats of the same Mickey plate at our round table in his booster...SCARY. ;) Now I just need to get a video of him roaring and I would be all set!!! Will is such a cutie-pie. I soooooooooo wish we lived closer...they would have a BALL together!!