Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Attack of the Texas Snowman

Well pigs do fly, because we got almost a foot of snow here in Texas recently  and we might get more this week!   Kids were in heaven with school closing for most this past Friday.   Will's day care closed and so I was stuck at home with him, not that I am complaining.  Although it would have been more enjoyable if we had heat and electricity, which didn't come back on until late morning (and went off at 3am!).   Talk about cold!    William did enjoy playing in the snow, we built snow balls and threw them at the ground.   I saw more snowmen than I have in all my life- including very unique ones, like the snowman family of 4, with two 'minis' down the street.    Great to see all the kids and adults enjoying some good old fashioned snow.  It's such a rare treat here!


Krysie said...

What a cutie! I was sad that Jonah wasn't here so I could snap some pics of him in it....'cause you know this won't happen again 'til he's 40. IF it happens again! LOL

Sarah said...

Welcome to MBC I'm following you now!


Jennifer said...

Following you from MBC!

~ Jennifer

Mommy Kennedy said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from MBC!

I can't believe you got that much snow! We got more than 40 incles in Baltimore so I feel your pain!

FYI, I have a giveaway for Golden Moon Earl Gray Tea going on! Low entries!

Hope you stop by!

Joshlin said...

Hi visiting from MBC. I am now following you. You have a great family. My little boy is named William too!