Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Real Boy's Boy

Well it's true, he's all boy.   Now in the terrible twos, William is starting to display the climbing, jumping, roughousing and car loving little guy that he is- all man!  We attended our friend Dwight's birthday party at My Gym this past Saturday and William had a ball.   It was a great place, but you know what, I have one complaint about all these wonderful gyms and kids activity centers.......they do NOT cater the 9-5 working mom like me.    While they do offer a few weekend classes, they fill up quick and are pretty limited or more expensive.  And some places I have checked out only offer 'free time' during the weekdays.  What good does that do me?   Thankfully Will is in a great montesorri school that he loves, but I wish these type of places offered more availability on the weekend for us working moms of the world.   Gripe over.

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