Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let it Snow- oh no?

well us Texans got more snow today and Will absolutely goes gaga for it. He can't get enough of the stuff, unless of course, you ask him to actually touch it, then well, it is just a little too frosty for him. I did make him a mini snowball and he took it in the car with him to day care. I am sure they will just love that. good mom, good mom!

In other news, we also have officially become DVC members- we have purchased 200 points at Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World (for all you non disney folks out there). so this basically guarantees we will travel to my favorite place in the world at least every other year, if not every year! We are taking our first trip as DVC members, Dec 4-11th, 2010! We are going to stay in a one bedroom suite that has a fully appointed kitchen, two bathrooms and more. pretty nice digs! Plus we can just head downstairs and WALK to the Magic Kingdom- how cool is that?

Will is very excited too- I am getting him prepped by asking him if he wants to go to Disney World and he answered last night and said "eat with Pooh Bear". We did eat with Pooh Bear on our most recent December trip, so I guess he wants to do it again and let's face it, the boy gets what he wants! So stay tuned for more adventures as I slowly mold my son into the disney-freak that I am! Heck, even Dad is slowly converting- he agreed to shell out the big bucks for DVC, so i must be doing something right? that, or tinkerbell just dumped a little pixie dust on him when I wasn't looking?

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