Monday, March 1, 2010

His First Crush..... a Princess at that!

So I think my little guy has his first crush!  Will really enjoys looking at photos from our recent Disney Trip in December.  He likes pointing out all the family members and saying their name.   We look often, since it is good practice for his speech development. 

What is that smile?  Oh, it is the smile of true love!  Will holds his cherished photo of Cinderella!

As we are flipping through, we come to a photo of me, Will and Cinderella at the Princess breakfast in Norway at Epcot.  This was originally intended as a breakfast for my niece, but the rest of the family bailed, except for us and my sister Mandy and her hubby.   So the 5 of us had a breakfast with the Princesses.  Of course Will had no clue who they were, his character library only consists of Pooh Bear, Dora, Elmo and Mou-Mou (Mickey) at the ripe old age of almost 2.5.     So at the meal, he smiled and liked them, but wasn't all that interested.   

But when looking at the photos yesterday, he was enthralled with this photo.  He wouldn't let us turn the page in fact.  He wanted to leave the photo album on that picture, so I took it out and gave it to him.   He walked around with it, kissed the photo and put it on his easel.  This morning, after breakfast, he ran to the easel, found the photo and started carrying it around again.  He even took it to day care with him.  Let's hope he doesn't lose it!  Cinderella was a beauty too- so he has good taste (I can't say the same for the Sleeping Beauty that day, she was a little 'off' (see for yourself).   

So here is Will's 'first crush'.    And so it begins, little girls and gorgeous princesses start to steal my little guy's heart!  I was hoping "mommy" could keep it a while longer, but I guess that doesn't last forever.  

I guess we might have to make a special trip to see Cinderella on our December trip in 9 months now.  Or maybe he'll have moved on to someone else by then?  Time will only tell!

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