Friday, March 5, 2010


GO EARLY!   This isn't vacation folks.  Oh wait, yes it is.   But if you are touring Disney World during a busy time and want to actually hit the big attractions and see more without standing in line for hours, well you have to get up early.     I've found we can accomplish more in the first two hours a park is open (especially the first hour of an extra magic morning) than we can in a 1/2 day!   Because so many of 'us' like to sleep in, you'll notice that a lot of folks tend to NOT go to the parks until 10-11am.  That is when the real flow of traffic starts.    If you can beat them in - you'll have a few precious hours with minimal waits.  Besides, who doesn't want to join the mad stampede to Toy Story Mania at rope drop?  

Rope drop--what is it, you might ask?  Rope drop is when the park officially opens and allows the flow of traffic to proceed through the park.    Many guest try and 'make rope drop', meaning they arrive at the park early enough to see it.   There is a little 'ceremony' with each rope drop.    At the Magic Kingdom, Mickey and his friends come out to the train station area and perform  a little opening show, then you are allowed in.   Usually in all the parks, the cast members will hold a rope to slowly move traffic into a certain area- like towards tomorrowland, so that no one runs or gets trampled.    But yes, folks still try and run.   Anyhow, if you make 'rope drop', you aren easily be one of the first on Dumbo, Space Mountain or another popular attraction that will inevitably have an hour wait later in the day.  Plus, you can get a fast pass, then get on a popular ride- lessening your wait even more later on! 

So even if you aren't a morning person (I magically become a morning person at WDW), take at least one day and get up early, be at the park 15 MINUTES before they open at least.    If the MK opens at 9am, be at the gate at 8:45.....which means you need to be at the bus stop or in your car driving over by 8:15ish at the latest.   So yes, it is early, but waiting 5 minutes for Dumbo with an antzy toddler vs. waiting 45 minutes, well it is worth losing a little sleep.  

  • They've officially broken ground on what will be the largest expansion in the history of the Magic Kingdom.   The Fantasyland expansion is now 'officially' underway.   Much of the work is happening behind the scenes, since the expansion is taking place over many back stage areas that are being converted to guest areas of Fantasyland.   The new Fantasyland will feature four disney classic inspired areas- featuring storybook princesses (Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty), then the Dumbo area and later the pixie hollow area will be added too.
  • NO D23 EXPO this year.   It's been announced finally, no D23 expo this year.   The inaugural event was last September at Disneyland and featured amazing announcements, workshops and celebrities.    Word on the street is that this will be an every other year event.   My sisters, mom and I were hoping to go to the expo this year......oh well, we will just visit DL anyhow in Sept!
  • RIDEMAKERZ will be the newest addition to Downtown Disney at WDW, allowing guests to customize radio-controlled vehicles. It is scheduled to open in late March and has been a hit in Disneyland.   I think this is another attempt to reach the male audience and balance out all the girl/princess offerings.
  • The Disney World Flower and Garden Festival opened on Wednesday, March 3rd and features many new amazing topiaries and special events- even a sunday brunch!   Check out some great pictures at

  • TODAY is opening day for the new Alice in Wonderland flick starring Johnny Depp!
  • D23 March 10th event-
  • March 7- Disney's 2010 Princess Half-marathon

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