Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail!

We had a wonderful Easter!  William is old enough now at 2.5 to really get into the egg hunt.   We were off on Friday and I enjoyed a nice pedicure in the am and then we headed the 2 hour drive north to Alan's parents house in Oklahoma.   We spent the whole afternoon outside playing on the playground.  William learned how to climb up the playground ladder like a big boy!   He enjoyed time with his cousins who also stayed the night, including Christian who is just 2 months younger than him!
We had an egg hunt the next day (Saturday) outside and the kids had a ball finding them.  
Then we said our good byes to Alan's family and headed home on saturday afternoon.   The easter bunny kindly made a visit on sunday and left a basket full of goodies for William.    He brought mostly small things since William doesn't need much.   He really loved the bubbles most of all, and new flashcards.  
Then our family came to our house for Easter lunch.   We first started off with an egg hunt, this time with William's cousins- Ally and Michael.  We had so many eggs that our neighbor asked if we were expecting 20 kids or more..........nope, only 3.  That's the way us Easlers do it- over the top everytime!  The kids had a load of fun.

Thanks Easter Bunny!  We had a great time with Family and Friends!

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