Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

So it's time for a good William update.    He is growing like a weed, this boy is going to surely top 6 ft when he grows up!   He is still super tall for his age.   He is outgrowing many of his pants in length. 

His favorite things right now are reading his two favorite books- "Goodnight Moon" and "One Fish, Two Fish".   Either Alan or I must read both books every single night before bed as is our routine.  I've tried to get some other books into the mix, but no go.    He really laughs when we get to the part about 'oh dear, oh dear, i cannot hear, there's a bird in my ear'.    He also can almost recite the whole Goodnight Moon book, so cute!   He always says 'the end' when we are finished.      Usually Alan puts Will to bed each night, but lately, he wants mama, which is surprising since he's been so independent lately.  He no longer cries when I leave to go to the gym or something.  But the last few nights- he said "mama take me night night!".  

We also converted the loft to a playroom for him and he loves it.  He of course likes playing tea party- or even putting puzzles out in front of all his 'guests'.   He does like drawing on his easel too and of course, still playing with the trash.    He is also obsessed with doors lately- opening and closing them.  When we leave day care each day, he has to actually shut the door behind him, or else he gets mad.  He doesn't quite understand that  you can't shut it when other people are trying to come out!

He really is becoming more independent- he wants to try and put on and take off his own jacket.   He wants to help if i am sweeping or Alan is raking.    He even knows to get his own spoons/forks out for dinner time and puts his dirty dishes in the sink.    He really knows where 'everything goes' in the house and is pretty good about cleaning up.  He loves wearing my sunglasses in the car on sunny days.   

He is still doing well at day care and loves his montesorri class.   He excels at the montesorri activities they do, but he is still a little speech delayed when I see how well his classmates speak.   But I know it will come in time.  We just got him to stop answering our questions with a nod or 'uh' and instead say "yes".   He has done a great job using 'yes' now this week and I've seen him actually talking a lot more this week.   I guess he is so busy playing, he doesn't have time to talk usually.

No movement on potty training- he is perfectly content staying in his diaper for now, although he does like to say he has a 'stinky butt'.    He will sit on the potty, but not for more than a minute and hasn't ever gone in it.   Plus this kid drinks like he is in a desert, he drinks so much all the time, always thirsty, so we need to work on cutting back a bit too, especially before bedtime.   He will still wet through an overnight diaper once a week.  

His hair is pretty crazy and he has a huge cow lick in the back that is impossible to wet down.   it is always sticking up!   He is still afraid of lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners.   He loves going to swim class and is excelling at that.   He loves being outside too and bossing the dogs around- 'come on sassy'.  

So our big guy is certainly growing up fast!  But we cherish every single moment, good or bad.

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