Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family, Friends and the Holidays!

Okay, I am way behind on my blogging, I know, bad Michelle. Forgive me. That's what I get for doing a week at Disney in December, welcoming a niece to the world and all the other craziness that goes along with Christmas.

So yes, we had a fabulous Christmas! We spent our usual Christmas Eve at my mom's house, as is our tradition. We always get together, eat, drink and are merry. We always have mexican food, consisting of chips, dips, tacos, enchiladas and all the fixins!

Then everyone's favorite, present time! Alissa and Chris kindly got Alan a snuggie! The gift that keeps you warm all year long!

Will got a talking trash can that he loves. He also got his train table from mama and papa! He got a cash register too and fake money. He really loved all his great gifts!

We also enjoyed our tree this year- all decorated in almost exclusively disney! William was very good about not touching or messing with it- okay, most of the time anyhow! He loved to turn on the lights every night.

All in all, another wonderful and memorable Christmas eve with family and friends. We enjoyed it at my parent's new house too, tons of room to play and enjoy!

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