Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wednesday Williamisms

William- "Mommy, there's someone swimming in my applesauce."
Me- "Well who is it."
William- "Granny"
Me- "So granny is floating in your applesauce?"
William- "Yes."

Who knew?

We had to deliver a dozen candy filled Easter eggs to his school for their big hunt next week. We delivered them yesterday morning. When i went to pick him up at school, he asked "Mommy, where are my eggs?" And then proceeded to cry, not understanding we had to leave them to contribute for the hunt. Poor guy!

At the park this sunday afternoon- William was having a ball, running around, going up and down the slides and the entire time he kept yelling over and over again "Mommy, this is so fun! I am having a great time!". So darn cute!

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Amy Hendrix said...

he is enjoying being a little boy and growing up way too fast! happy easter, guys! i guess this will be the first holiday not to get to spend with the family.