Thursday, May 26, 2011

Arrggghhh Mateys!

Argghh mateys! So mom held a fun "Pirate Party" this weekend to celebrate the new Pirates of the Carribean movie. Of course we didn't end up watching much of the movie, only bits and pieces because we were too busy eating, doing a treasure hunt and watching the Mavs game! LOL

We had a pirate themed menu, including cannon balls (meatballs), pirate ship pizzas and even some cupcakes, which Will woofed down and asked for a second!
Here's our swashbuckling crew enjoying their dinner! We had a great treasure hunt, one for the adults and the kiddos. We split into two teams for the adults and had to search for clues all over the house that mom hid. What you might not know is how competitive we can get. There was some slight pushing and shoving, but in the end, I was on the losing team, but we got a great consolation prize!
William also made fun baby Brynley got in on the action with her own pirate hook and ready her a book.

The kids had a hunt too and had to work together as a team to find the clues. They did a great job and were rewarded with some treasure, including some old coins from my Grandpa's old coin collection he left my dad when he passed away. Those coins will definitely be put away and treasured!

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