Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Knight in Shining Armor

We headed out to Scarborough Faire this past Saturday. Will had a great time last year at this local Renaissance Festival. Alan said we should dress William up and we just happened to have a little tunic and cloth knight's helmet from our friend (passed down to us). We paired it with some boot covers and belt/knife from his Peter Pan costume and a large fake sword he has and suddenly, he was a knight!

It was pretty hot out that day, so we had to stop for some Italian ice. Poor guy was so hot, but refused to take off his hat. He loved that thing, sweat and all.

William a daredevil, so we had to ride all the rides, which of course were all "human-powered" and made of wood, but still pretty thrilling considering. We rode a spinning ride that he loved.

Then off to the Pirate ship. Yo Ho! I would hate to be the guy pushing that thing all day long!

Somehow William ended up in the stockade! Bad William.

Posing with another knight by the life-size chess match.

On the way out, someone stopped to fight with him. William was pretty good with his sword.

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