Monday, May 2, 2011

On the Hunt

William was on the hunt for Easter Eggs! But first, we had to color some. He wasn't as interested in coloring as hunting and eating! Saturday, our neighborhood held an egg hunt. I helped hide the eggs up and down our entire street. The older kids on one side, the younger on the other. Of course, we had to fuel up with some donuts first. William ate 1.5 donuts! Talk about a piggy!

Then it was time to hunt. Some of these kids held nothing back, they were off to the races, running and grabbing. William took his time. I helped him and he ended up with about 25 eggs. At least that was better than the neighbor kid that preferred to find them, look at them and leave them. He didn't want them and if you tried to put one in his basket, he freaked out, lol.

Then it was time for the Easter bunny to visit. William was so good this year, he got two baskets! One was mainly Dora themed, since he loves Dora. I know, it's not Disney, but I'll make an exception. The other basket was mainly Disney and included a new movie featuring old school Disney cartoons, which William loves. He got lots of great stuff he can use to entertain himself on the long drive we have coming up to the Smokey Mountains.

He enjoyed eating one of his treats, a cookie for breakfast!

Then it was time to head to Mama and Papa's house for an egg hunt and lunch with the entire family. William had fun hunting eggs with his cousins, although he seemed more interested in following his cousin Michael around than anything else.

Then my mom broke out the confetti eggs. This was a tradition for us growing up. We got together with some other families and made the eggs ourselves and then had a big picnic at the park and went crazy having an egg fight! William wasn't quite sure what to do. He was perfectly content just crumbling the eggs in his lap while the rest of us were cracking them on each other's heads.

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