Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Trash Man Cometh!

So you might not be aware, but my son has a little obsession with something strange. Not hot wheels or legos. He loves trash and trash cans. Mainly trash cans. He just can't get enough of them. We have a full collection of different sized ones, varied colors etc. He loves playing with them upstairs in his playroom. I don't give him trash bags, for fear of him putting them over his head or something, but he found a way to make his own. He took the netted bag out of his clothes hamped and pretended it was a trash bag and put it inside his trash can. He likes to throw his fake food in the trash cans and then pretend to take the trash out.

He actually does like helping with the real trash too. He helps us bag and carry the trash outside, plus you better not even consider putting a new bag in. That's William's job. I simply get a bag out, lay it on the empty can and he puts the new bag in. He'll throw a fit if you don't let him help out. And believe me, he can hear it. If you are fluffing open a new bag, he'll be there in 2 seconds, telling you that is his job! While I love the help with the chores, he has taken it to a completely different level.
When we go to the grocery store or Target, he has to stop on the trash can aisle to check out all the new trash cans. If we are driving through an alley, he is pointing all of them out. If there is a trash can on TV, he points it out. And what does he remember from Granny's house? That she keeps a small trash can under the sink and then big ones out in the garage.

What did we do at Disney World? We found (and touched) every single trash can we came across. And just for you non-disney folk, Disney does a great job with maintenance of their parks, so most trash cans are extremely clean and well kept by the custodial crew. Plus, there is a trash can almost every 30 feet. Walt wanted to make sure folks had access to throw their trash away and hence keep the park cleaner. Well William was in heaven with the abundance of trash cans. Some were themed, some were normal and of course, there was even PUSH, the talking animatronic trash can. We lucked out and found him the first day and he sang Happy Birthday to William. I don't think I have seen the kid happier- having a conversation with a trash can that talked back.
So everywhere we go, the trash can obsession continues. At the mall, if the trash is full, he points it out, runs over and promptly tells me "someone needs to take this trash out, it's full."

My poor dad is even under fire now. Everytime we visit their house, William immediately heads to the kitchen where they have a really nice high end stainless steel trash can with the slow shutting lid. If that trash can is even near full, William demands that his Papa take it out. So now my dad always takes the trash out prior to Will coming over, knowing he will get in trouble!

William loves Papa's expensive trash can, but given it is over $100, we won't be getting one anytime soon. We promised if he is good, maybe Santa Claus will bring the family one this year. And yes, William asked Santa for a hefty brand black trash can last year and got it. He strolls down the stairs Christmas morning and what is the first toy he goes to? Not the cool new McDonald's kitchen/drive through. Not the new games or trains. The trash can.

At Target, we have to stop on the way out each time, since they have 4 different trash cans- there is a green for bottles, one for electronics (red), one for regular trash and one for plastic bags. He loves it.

As many of you know, we even decided to play on his love for trash cans and I made him a trash can costume for Halloween this past year. He loved it and we got lots of comments on what a unique costume it was. He had a lot of fun in it, although it wasn't very practical for wearing long.

So when will this obsession end? Who can say. Since our trip to Disney, it has diminished a bit and he isn't as crazy about pointing out every single one, but we still have to go down the trash aisle at the store. I figure it is harmless and hey, if it means I get someone to help take out the trash, then I am a happy gal.

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