Thursday, July 14, 2011

Carry Me Daddy!

Vacation- Day 6, Thursday, June 16

Today once again started with a visit to a local pancake establishment. Try one of the 50 different ones in a 2 mile radius? Nah, we just went back to the same one. I guess when you like something, you like it. After pancakes, it was back into the mountains today.

We had decided to head up and see Clingman's Dome. The drive wasn't quite as long as Cades Cove.

We took the two vans back out again, winding our way up the mountain. It was so beautiful and peaceful. We finally reach the top and park. Of course there was like nowhere to park, the place was packed. My parents and sister found a handicap spot for them, but no luck for us. We finally went to the end of a row near where the road starts again and "made our own spot". The park ranger wasn't happy about that when we left and he drove by.
We checked out the amazing views into North Carolina.

There was a little gift shop and also a half mile or more walk up a steep incline (paved) to the dome viewing tower. We headed up and man was it tough. Alan had to carry William for the majority of the hike too. We tried to get him to walk some, but he kept saying "Carry me daddy!" and so Daddy did. It was hard enough carrying myself, not sure I could have lugged a 40lb toddler in my arms. We finally make it up and enjoy amazing views. My dad had really wanted to come here as he remembered visiting here with his parents as a kid.

After making the hike back down, we checked out the gift shop where my parents bought all the kids a little backpack with toys (toy binoculars, whistle etc.). The boys really loved those fake binoculars and pretended to be chasing bears around the cabin later that night with them.

So we made the drive back down the mountain, trying to find a spot near the creek to let hte kids out to play, but we weren't having good luck finding a spot with parking and an easy way down. Most of the areas were too difficult to crawl down too. We did pass by some folks jumping off cliffs into the creek and playing in the rapids (ignoring the "drownings occur here often" sign). LOLWe finally made it back home to the cabin and ate some lunch and then headed back to Dolly's Water Country waterpark since we had promised the kids. This time everyone came along and we spent about 3 hours there having a great time! That night, we found a local oven fired pizza place for dinner out. Unfortunately, my sister and her family were leaving early the next morning, so it was time for everyone to get to bed early. The rest of us still had one more full day to enjoy!

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