Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

They say never give up and for once, it paid off for me. After applying for the Disney Moms Panel for four years (since its inception), I finally made it to round two!

The Disney Moms Panel is a collection of moms (and dads, aunts, etc.) who share their passion for Disney by answering questions online for guests planning a trip. While the position is unpaid, there are lots of perks, free trip(s), goodies and just sharing your love for Disney.

Close to 20,000 applicants are allowed, not sure how many there were actually and I have no idea how many make it to round two. It could be 200, 500, who knows.

But tonight, I work on my four essay questions of 100 words or less. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not short with my words. I also have to submit a 60 second video about my favorite memory at the parks. My sister is helping me film that tonight.

All submissions are due on Friday, which also happens to be the day we leave for Walt Disney World! Talk about good timing. So wish me luck! I am hopeful, but also realistic. We aren't sure how many panelists they are taking, since some from last year will probably stay on another year and others selected might be part time, serving only certain months of the year.

Whoever is selected is to proceed to the final round (phone interview) will be contacted probably in less than two weeks. So send some pixie dust my way as I attempt to get a gig spreading some myself!

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