Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tricks, Treats and Toddler

Our family loves Halloween. Fortunately, we returned from our Disney trip just in time to celebrate. It was a busy Halloween weekend.

Friday night William's school closed down early for their annual Fall Festival. William was so excited for "Halloween at school." He dressed as Peter Pan. This was his third time wearing the costume, since he wore it twice while at Disney, including for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) during our trip.

He loved bouncing in the bounce houses and playing games inside. He got a balloon animal and a tattoo. He would barely wash that hand after getting the tattoo. I assured him we could get a new tattoo if it washed off. We enjoyed some food, cotton candy and fun. He spent a lot of time on the playground. Yes, the same playground he plays on every single day.

On Saturday, October 29th, after a big morning celebrating his birthday party at Pump It Up, we headed to my parent's house for their first annual Halloween party! Usually I would help them plan and set up, but we were so busy returning to life after vacation and celebrating William's birthday that I didn't have time. They had created a small haunted house in one of their garages out back. We all had a great time at the party with family and friends. Almost everyone was in costume too. We even had a Donald Duck, one of William's favorites.

The kids had a ball in the haunted house and we can't wait to help my parents create an even better one next year. William loved bobbing for apples and chasing around all of his friends upstairs.

Finally, we went trick or treating on Halloween night. William certainly has gotten use out of his Peter Pan costume, as this was the 5th time in two weeks for him to wear it. We headed out just as one of our neighbors and his classmate, Tinsley stopped by to trick or treat. He was so excited to see her. She was cute as ever dressed as Dorothy. William and I made the rounds through our neighborhood. It is one way in and out, so usually not heavy traffic- just 50 homes in our HOA. But we did have a lot of outside traffic, families driving around that were not from our neighborhood. Maybe from some of the nearby apartments? We hit all the houses in the neighborhood with lights on, which was only about a third of them. We said hi to many of our friendly neighbors.

William said "trick or treat" each time, followed by a "thank you." I couldn't have been prouder. As we rounded towards the front of the neighborhood, we stopped at Tinsley's house, they had just returned for the night. She was so excited to give him some candy and wanted to walk him home. She is too cute. William started to complain his legs were hurting. He had four immunizations that morning for his 4 year old checkup, so he was tired and sore. We headed home to Alan running the fog machine on the porch. He had scared quite a few kids with his spooky fog.

William scored a lot of candy that he will never eat. He isn't a big sweets eater, thankfully. Unlike his mommy.

And so another fun year of tricks and treats was had by all. We look forward to an even better Halloween next year! BOO!

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