Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Williamisms

As we are reading a story last night about Piglet yawning, he stops me and says "Mommy, stop reading for a few minutes, now I need to yawn." He's so funny, he even makes me pause movies or tv shows so he can go to the bathroom.

Because he likes to stay up late in his bed reading each night, he is always tired in the morning when I wake him for preschool. He says, "Mommy, help wake me up." That's code word for splash cold water on my face!

"...and around and around and zoom zoom zoom."

Best of all, we are supporting a needy family this year by providing gifts, clothes and household items. We will be delivering the gifts directly to the single mom and her three children on Sunday (joint effort with my family and some other friends). As the presents piled up on the dining room table in preparation to give to them, William says, "Mommy, I want to help give those presents to those kids who don't have much. I want to share." Even at four, so proud he gets it.

"Can I eat the gingerbread house Mommy?"

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