Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two Angels

Our family was recently dealt a double blow- the loss of my wonderful Uncle Charles and my fantastic Grandpa, Lois Clements.  While neither had been in great health, it was still shock to lose them, especially within a week of each other.

After driving down to Houston to grieve the loss of my Uncle Charles from cancer, we received a call that Grandpa had fallen at his nursing home and was taken to the hospital for stitches.  We had some friends and family there with him.  After a few hours and more calls, the decision was made to hear back to Dallas. Grandpa had lost consciousness in his fall and never woke up again.  We spent day and night there at his bedside, my mom, cousin Nancy and cousin Anna not relenting despite being totally exhausted.  After almost 5 days with no food or water due to his DNR, Grandpa finally passed.  It was only hours after we had left him late that night.
 We all enjoyed a visit with Uncle Charles at my cousin's 15 in January.

Grandpa and William last year

Grandpa and I at Family Reunion in 2006

I think he was waiting until we left.  I  know being there would have been even harder for us all to endure and I think he knew that and waited until we were all gone.

We will miss both of these great men tremendously.  I have great memories of Uncle Charles and his amazing attitude and sense of humor- always wearing a smile.  Grandpa was the kindest man.  I was so happy to hear all the wonderful stories from my mom and her cousins about how he was the one person in the family to always take care of everyone else- taking the other kids on vacations with him, opening up his home, heart and pocketbook to others.

My mom lost her only sibling/brother and her father (only living parent) in one week.  She's amazed her with her strength.  We love and miss you both!

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Cindy said...

Thank you for sharing, I love those pictures! It warms my heart to remember that they were both so loved and cherished. I am proud of your mom, and all you you girls. You always clung so closely to each other and set a great example for the kids of how the strength of family can pull you through anything.