Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Williamisms

We were at Braum's getting ice cream this weekend and I asked William if he wanted to try my mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Of course relating everything back to Disney, he asks, "Well what does Dale taste like?" know, Chip and Dale.

The last few weeks William is all about questions.  He wants to know what everything or every word means.  He says a prayer at day care before lunch.  It goes like this:

Thank you Lord for this day and for this food you have given us today.  Thank you for mommies and daddies, for brothers and sisters and our teachers. Protect us from evil, danger and accidents. Amen.  

So he keeps asking over and over again-
"What does evil mean Mommy?"
"What does danger mean Mommy?"
"What are accidents Mommy?"

"Is a fire and tornado evil?"

I never realized how hard it is to explain what some of these words mean to a four year old!

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