Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Fun

Summer isn't much different for William since he still stays in day care (Montessori school), but we try and bring in some fun activities on the weekends, plus his school does something fun each week on Wednesdays.  Here's some of the fun we've had this summer so far!

 Enjoying some rides at Sandy Lake Park for my company picnic!
 Checking out SafetyTown in Frisco, where he got to ride a bike through a small town.  He also had his face painted that day at school! He loved the little town with the stop lights he had to stop at etc.  We will definitely go back to SafetyTown.
 Of course there is also fun in the backyard with the water table....or mud table we should probably call it.
 And fun on the iPad with his cousin.

 Fun at the movies- catching BRAVE!
 He got to the ride the choo choo train at school.
 ....and meet an "astronaut" on the week they learned all the planets and about the solar system.
and made some fun fourth of July hats for their parade at school

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