Sunday, October 26, 2014

Twin Debut

August 1, 2013. The day was finally here.  Our C-section had been scheduled for almost a week now, so I was prepared and ready. My family was all ready and my mother in law had come in to help care for William while we were in the hospital.  I wasn't sure Alan needed to stay every night with me until I was released, but boy was I glad he did in the end!

And here I was, huge on my last pic before delivery!

My c-section was scheduled for the afternoon. I think I had to arrive by 2pm at Presby Plano.  And go figure- one of my best friends was delivering her baby girl that day.  In fact, when we arrived- we found them in the room next to us- she had just delivered.  I was getting all set up.  It was too funny to be in rooms next to each other even for a short time.  What a great and special memory to be part of each other's day like that.

This was my first c-section, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect and while William's birth was a little traumatic (major blood loss for me), I was still nervous about a c-section too.  But both babies were not head down, so it was the safest for them. My OB was a pro at delivering twins and had a set of twin girls herself (teenagers), so I loved her.

I got settled in the room and they got all the IVs hooked up.  I was still in horrible misery with my itching and was already bleeding onto the sheets from it. I started feeling not so good for a short time, not sure if just nerves or the IV or what, but just felt really light headed.  Luckily that didn't last long. I was able to enjoy a little time with the family before they were wheeling me out of the room and into the OR.

Alan was all geared up to be in the room with me.  They only allowed one other person.  Plus there were so many nurses and doctors in there already.  It was very cold and bright, so different from my last delivery.  The sheet went up and I was pinned down.

And then they started.  I didn't feel much, just the numbness coming over me which is really weird. Before I knew it, they were already pulling baby A "Sam" out.  He was first and biggest.  Born at 4:19pm, 7lbs, 6.4 oz and 19.5 inches.  Pretty big for a twin at 37 weeks.  Heck, many singletons aren't as big as that at 40 weeks.  Then came baby B "Charlie", born at 4:21pm, weighing 6lb, 14oz and 19 inches long.

I was able to see both immediately and cuddle with them best I could considering I was pinned down.  Alan was able to follow them over while they got checked out.  Both were completely fine.  Sam was very quiet when he came out and Charlie was screaming.  They are still that way to this day- the quiet one and the crazy loud one.

After a short time in recovery, I was finally moved back to the room and everyone was able to see the babies and hold them.  Big brother was very excited. 
Both grandmas got practice at holding two at once. 

While recovery was difficult with a c-section, it was manageable.  Alan stayed every night in the hospital with me thankfully as I couldn't get up or bend over to get the babies out to try nursing them or change them.  He did all those diaper changes in the hospital. Those few nights in the hospital were rough.  I was still itching like crazy.  Delivery didn't help in my case.  It wasn't until I stopped nursing that the itching finally went away. 

We even got a pic of the babies with my BF's little one since they were all in the hospital together. 

and not the last time I'll be holding two babies at once! 

And we were released from the hospital on August 4th, after three nights in the hospital. We came as a family of three and left as a family of five.  Many more adventures to come!

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