Friday, January 25, 2008

First Trimester- I think I am dying!

So we finally achieved our goal, I was 33 and pregnant with our first child! I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I didn't know it would be so miserable either. I had the most horrible morning sickness either. At week 7 it started and by week 8, it was just unbearable. I wasn't throwing up a ton, just felt like i had the stomach flu 24/7. My stomach was in constant knots. I couldn't even just sit at my desk and work, i was so sick. And of course I had to travel to Vegas for a tradeshow during week 8 when it was peaking. I was miserable and didn't get to enjoy it at all. At the Wynn Steakhouse, i had to order chicken broth, forget the filet! My morning sickness continued on through week 13 when it finally subsided. I was on zofran and phenegran to help control it, but neither totally did the job. I just had to suffer through and I was so thankful when it subsided, but the 6 weeks or so that I had it were just absolutely miserable! Not sure I will be doing that again! Let's just move on to much happier times.....say the second trimester.....

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