Friday, January 25, 2008

Second trimester- this is a cinch!

So the second tri was much better than the first. While not totally without some miserable side effects- I was still able to make it through a day without having to barf or feel like little army men were playing tug o war with my insides. I had the usual stuff- weird cravings (pickles), weird things I had to avoid (barbeque and seafood- yuck!) and even red meat which i usually love! The back aches started slowly so i started seeing a chiro. The usual headaches and just overall discomfort, but definitely a cinch compared to trimester one. We also found out the sex------ at our NT scan they discovered that we do in fact have a little boy. Alan was thrilled to say the least. The shotgun can stay put up for now since we aren't having a girl. Everything looked great at the scan, no markers for down syndrome or anything. totally healthy and happy. I started feeling him kick around week week 20 or so. What a strange sensation! he is a little soccer player in there!
We also started the nursery- and had his letters put up. Of course we had decided on a first name- William- or Will for short.

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