Friday, January 25, 2008

Third Trimester- are we there yet?

this car ride is getting awfully long- are we there yet Mommy? nope? how much longer? Well the end is in sight at least. The last trimester is filled with more pains and complaints. Sleeping comfortably is a long forgotten dream.....if only i could get a good's night rest to actually dream! Back is killer- i have to use coats and pillows to pad my chair at work. And the belly- it is getting huge! It just plain gets in the way. I can't see my toes anymore. We finally have most of the nursery finished and I have 2 baby showers! All the appts are going well and we finally had the doctor schedule an induction date- October 29th I go in for the cervadil and we should have Will by the 30th- just in time for halloween. I foresee many halloween/birthday parties in our future! So other than feeling pretty bad, things are good. Little Will is kicking up a storm and constantly has the hiccups!

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