Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

William had a busy turkey day weekend. He loved trying to help Mommy in the kitchen by playing in the cabinets, his new favorite pasttime! He also likes looking out the window by the front door.

William enjoyed thanksgiving at his Mama's house in Mesquite on Saturday- he was most fond of his great grandpa's walker......the boy loves anything he can a walker, wheelchair, you know, whatever. Easy entertainment, right?

Then we spent Saturday at Grandma's house in Oklahoma and Will discovered the cabinets and dishes there too! William also played with his cousin, Christian who is 2 months younger than him- they liked looking out the window at the big kids playing outside.

William also loves his little chair----here he is in his 'too small for him' robe and just playing in it! He even likes to read his books while sitting in it- it almost looks like he sitting on the potty. lol

William is also bundling up for the winter in his hat And check out his cute top 4 teeth coming in all the way now!

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Allison said...

I saw on facebook that you were updating your blog! Such cute pics. I am glad to see you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope all is well. We need to get together again soon.