Thursday, December 25, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS- Santa was good to us

THe Peters family had a great Christmas with William. We spent Christmas Eve at my mom's house as is tradition- with mexican food, drinks, games and way too many presents as usual! We always overdo it. we had a slight problem though- my sister Wendy and her family were poor nephew Michael ended up with Scarlett fever, which is basically like strep with a rash. The doctor originally misdiagnosed him, after he was already around the whole rest of the family earlier in the week. So they all had to stay home to get well and not spread it around. We missed them though. We still had a really good time eating more than our fill, drinking margarita punch and playing yahtzee!

The huge amount of presents at mom's and this is just some of it!

William of course loved the wrapping paper!

It wasn't enough to be on our laps, William had to be in the middle of the Yahtzee action- right up on the table.
William really loved his new red wagon from Mama and Papa. the girls- back row- me, cousin Nancy, sister Mandy, front row- Ally, Mom, Aunt MarionThe poor dog- William likes to roll on top of Sassy.Christmas morning- hello Elmo!His new table and chairs from Aunt Wendy and Uncle Mike. Christmas lunch with parents and GrandpaSomeone found the oreosJust a little after lunch wagon ride.
someone couldn't make it through lunch today-.....he crashed out midway through. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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Kelly said...

Merry Christmas Will!!! Looks like Santa was extra good to him too! Hope you had a fun day....doesn't Christmas just get even better with kids!! :) Love the pic of Will in your lap....must be a mom thing to do...we got one too. :)