Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back to the real world

Well the new year is already busy for the Peters family. William is thoroughly enjoying his plethera of toys from Christmas. He enjoys all of them!! William is continuing to get back on schedule at day care/montesorri. He also has one of his front molars already coming in, so we've had a few fussy nights. He really loves reading his books and playing. He is saying more sounds and words now- I think the current list is dada, baba, ball, book, light, uh-oh and beyond. Uh-oh is his favorite. He is making new sounds now, so I think maybe it won't be long until 'mama', we can hope, right? We visited the Dallas World Aquarium on Sunday before returning to the real world and work. William seemed to enjoy it. I think he will have a great time at the zoo this spring. He got tired near the end of it and just wanted out of his stroller to walk/run around. He was especially interested in the steps and wanted to just walk up and down the steps with my help. always the little things right?

Alan and William in the shark walk through- notice the huge shark behind them to the left. Will had a great time running through here.

Checking out the fish!

Posing with mommy in the rainforest section

And here are a few videos from the holiday, enjoying his horsey and opening presents.


Kelly said...

The aquarium looks like it was lots of fun! That pic with the shark in the background is is the one of you and Will in the rainforest. He is too cute! Glad to see the horse is a hit! Brady will be playing...go jump on it for a bit...go back to playing. It's pretty funny!

Allison said...

We love the Dallas Aquarium! Great pics. Happy New Year!