Thursday, January 22, 2009

Teething Time again!

It's been a busy week at work for Alan and I. And we've had a rough week at night with William. Poor William.....teething time again. He has another molar coming in and has been waking up many times during the night. Poor guy has just been exhausted in the mornings from it. Next week William hits 15 months! Time for another doctor appt and see how much he has grown.

William really enjoys his bath time....he loves playing with his little basketball hoop and pirate boats. I think we found a new theme for his bathroom upstairs too- Mickey Mouse bath stuff on clearance on disney! Guess we will be painting soon, maybe this weekend over the wallpaper and ordering some new stuff to make his bathroom more kid friendly.

William still loves playing with cars- here he has two at the same time- always multi-tasking, that boy!
We also got a kitchen set on clearance after Christmas for $20! Little did I know it had like a billion pieces to put together until I opened it, no wonder it was $20. good thing mommy is handy! he seems to enjoy it, but not as much as the real kitchen! We had to stick it in the hallway near our bedroom, the rest of the house is so full of toys already!

And lastly, he still loves the stairs. He is very good at climbing them and has never fell. We only let him go up when we are walking right behind him. otherwise the stairs are blocked off and off limits!

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Kelly said...

Love the tubby pictures!! And he looks so big climbing up the stairs!! Molars are no fun - Brady is still pushing-through some, as well as getting his eye teeth. I will be happy when teething is finally over!!