Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 4- DIS Unplugged Podcast Cruise

So day 4, we arrived at Nassau bright and early. This was going to be a busy day! THe first order of business was to head to the big Disney historian presentation at 8am in the Buena Vista Theatre. Nancy and my parents slept in. I got up and got some pics on my way to grab quick breakfast of a cinnamon roll before heading there.
A beautiful lighthouse on part of the island.
The view of Atlantis from the ship
someone's nice mansion!
The huge video screen was really cool- it was right above the family pool and played cartoons and movies all day and night

The Disney Institute historian presentation was great- I really enjoyed the slides he showed, many of photos of the building of WDW and shots I had never seen before. It was excellent. I don't have any pictures from the actual presentation itself. But it wrapped up about 9:45am. I then headed to the room to change for our PALO reservation. I couldn't remember if it was at 10am or 11am. So we headed over and it was in fact at 11am. so we wandered the ship a bit, just exploring some. PALO is the exclusive, adults only dining venue. The DIS arranged for us to have brunch at this hard to get restaurant.

So at 11am, we headed for our brunch. Here is some of round one. Choices ranged from chicken parm, eggs benedict, tons of shrimp and seafood, fruit, desserts, pasta and more.

We were seated with the lovely trio of Anna, Todd and Kim. I like their style, they went for dessert first!

Our server and the food was excellent. She took the time to lead my mom around by the hand to show her the dining selections.

I had some fruit and then tried their gazapacho, which I did not like, but hey, i tried it, right? I then had pasta with capers followed by some delicious desserts! Oh and mimosa, of course. At 12:30pm, my mom and I had scheduled our spa treatment. We had each signed up for the 'pick 3', which included a foot/ankle massage, neck/shoulder/scalp massage and a hand/cuticle massage. It was an hour long. Mom of course skipped the scalp part as her head is still healing from brain surgery and her scar is still soft and raw from ear to ear. We were taken to the spa, put in our robes and then taken to the salon area, where we were seated comfortably with an ocean view! My therapist said she can never go back to working in a regular salon after she has now had a view of the ocean everyday at work! The massage was fabulous and my mom really enjoyed it too- just what she needed. It wasn't overly expensive either, $69 for an hour for each of us. Goofy even came into the salon at one point, only at disney!

After our wonderful spa treatment, our relaxing was short lived- on to yet another event- no rest for the weary. We had a 2:15 martini tasting planned! So we headed to the sports bar to partake in martinis! We had a selection of 5, although not all were vodka or gin. in fact none of them were gin. One was actually a tequila martini and another was a rum. The rum one was good. The tequlia, well- gross, but then again i hate tequila. There was also a kaluha one, which I don't do chocolate alcohol drinks either. So stuck with the fruity rum one and apple one. We also 'borrowed' from the empty place setting at our table, drinking the 'extras' we liked. lol The tasting included an overview of how martinis came to be and a few people were called up to make their own as well. Our new DIS friends, Mike and Carol also learned they were grandparents at the end of the tasting. It was so exciting- they had been waiting for the news as their son and daughter in law were in Guam (serving our country) awaiting the birth of their first child. What great news.
Even the flatties got in on the action- we know they like to drink!

Nancy, me and mom with martinis!
Ooops, flattie mandy had a bit too much I think!

DISer Shannan making a martini!
The flatties checked out the porthole!

After our martini tasting, we decided to head to Nassua and see if the straw market had anything going on. We had been warned by the podcast alreadyn not to waste our time, but we didn't heed the warning. So we got off the ship and walked over to the straw market area. Man, it was just gross, it smelled, it was dirty and just not good. We were the only ship in dock, so the port was not busy. Apparently there had been a fire at the straw market and it was not back opening in full yet, plus it was 4pm and most of the stalls were closed. What little was open was not worth seeing, all crap really. so we immediately turned around and headed back. We really should have taken a cab to Atlantis and at least seen a bit of it. Maybe next time, right? So Pete, you were right- don't get off the ship unless you are doing Atlantis or have an excursion!

We decided to skip the show this night- it was the Toy Story Musical. I instead wanted to get in some pool time and relax and read. So I spent some time on a lounger by the pool getting some sun, relaxing and hanging in the pool, those few hours were great! Then at 8:15, it was dinner time- tonight we dined at Parrot Cay. I ordered the rib eye this evening and it was okay, but rather fatty. The twice baked potatoe and corn was good though.

I tried the dessert trio this evening- very good- smore cake, creme brulee cheesecake and lemon tart, if I remember right

This was also my mom's birthday, so we made sure the server knew and they serenaded her and brought a huge cake (which was never eaten), but it was fun nonetheless.

After dinner and dessert, we headed to Wavebands, one of the nightclubs- we played a game called WonderQuest- everyone was in teams of 8 or so. We were assigned a team number and given a laminated card. The goal was to answer the question and bring the requested items up to the host and hold up our number, which she would call out to the DJ to keep score. The quicker you were to bring an item up, the more points you got. The host called for a man wearing ladies shoes, a $20 bill, a ladies purse, etc. Then she asked for a sock with a hole in it and one guy was literally trying to 'bite a hole' into his sock! ewwww......of course, ALL socks have a hole in them- for your foot! The game ended with the request for a man to come up in a woman's bra. It was a lot of fun watching grown adults push each other out of the way doing ridiculous things. Too bad this was the only night I wasn't too exhausted to come out and play at the night clubs. It really was fun. After the game, they brought out country dancers and taught line dancing. I decided it was time to turn in around midnight i think.

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