Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 5 DIS Unplugged Podcast Cruise- Fish Extenders

So what is a fish extender you may ask? well see in this pic below- the silver fish on the wall over the door number? Folks decorate and hang a pocket thing from it and then do a 'gift exchange' with other cruisers (pre-planned). We partipcated in a fish extender gift exchange on board with about 80 other DISers! We had a list of all their room numbers and had to go deliver our special gifts to their doors. It was fun seeing everyone's uniquely decorated fish extenders, as well as the creative doors. Many had some really fun magnets. Here are a few pictures of our fish extender as well as my parents.

Mine and Nancy's door and extender!

Here are just a few of the gifts we received. Usually they are small under a dollar type things, but many folks make creative homemade gifts, from crafts to items that showcase their hometown or state. We received bookmarks, magnets, candy, CDs and more.

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Gretchen said...

Where did all the magnets on your door come from? I have seen other doors decorated as such. Are things like that sold in the onboards shops?