Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 5- DIS Unplugged Podcast Cruise- Part 2

After returning to the ship, I got a snack and sat out on deck in the shade for a bit before heading to the room to take a shower. then I headed up to the forward deck 10 to take some sunset shots.
I walked around ship a bit to take some pics of the entertainment district area- they have a sports bar, a piano lounge and then the main club where there were nightly games, karaoke and dancing at Wavebands.

Then it was time for dinner at 8:15 and tonight was pirate night- AARRGGHH! Our dinner was in Parrot Cay again and many folks dressed for the occassion. Todd posed for a few pics with us in his costume!

I tried potstickers for an appetizer tonight, pretty good.
I then had a roasted chicken breast with a jerk spice on it- it was pretty good. We passed on dessert tonight, since we knew there would be a dessert buffet at the pirate party which started at like 9:45. So we rushed through dinner. We headed up to deck 10 to watch and it was already crowded. The action was on deck 9 and you could watch it easily on deck 10. There was singing, dancing, pirates rappelling down and then Mickey came to save the day and came flying through the air on a cable. And then, finally, fireworks at sea- a first in the cruise industry!

We headed to check out the pirate buffet after the party-----there was so much to choose from!

After the pirate party, we were pretty tired from all day in the sun. I'd been getting up at 7 each day and going to bed after 11, and just going, going, constantly, so i was pretty pooped. So I turned in, knowing we had more activities tomorrow for our sea day! stay tuned!

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