Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 5- DIS Unplugged Podcast Cruise- Part 1

Day 5 of our trip and day 3 on the cruise was our stop in paradise, Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. I went up to watch the ship dock this morning from the 'secret deck 7' which is located aft. It is a small little deck that is hidden away at the end of the state room hall. There were some other DISer's out there too. I got some great pictures of the island from there.

After docking, i headed up to meet my parents for breakfast at Beach Blanket Buffet. We enjoyed a nice breakfast out on deck before heading down to the island around 9am.

The Island was amazing just as promised. We first headed to the family beach, you simply walked off the ship and there was a post office and then a tram that would take you to the beach area just a few minutes away. Or you could walk, we opted for the tram. Once at the family beach, my dad and I headed to get snorkeling gear. We had bought a package that included snorkel gear, a float and a bike. We knew we wouldn't use the bike, but the package was still cheaper than just ordering it a la carte. The beach was pretty empty, as folks must have slept in. Dad and I headed into the snorkel lagoon area, which was roped off separate from the rest of the beach. We got my mom settled in a nice chair and off we went. My dad had not snorkeled and gave it a try, but kept getting water in his mask, so he gave up. I snorkeled for a while, but there really were not a lot of fish. I went out pretty far, saw some of the items in the water, but never saw the 'mickey' in the water. I didn't get out that far, i was getting pretty tired, it was a lot of work! The water was crystal clear and pretty shallow too. It didn't even look barely 7-8 feet at the most and closer to shore it was only a few feet for quite a ways out. I was almost the only one out there that early. they did have lifeguards stationed out pretty far too which was nice. I did see a sting ray on my way back in, that was cool. but nothing beats the sea turtle i saw in hawaii.

The flatties also made an apperance at the beach, but they forgot their swimwear! oops! After snorkeling- we decided to head to the adult beach, known as Serenity Bay and it was perfect over there. We took a tram, as the adult beach is around the corner of the island. Once there, we found a few chairs, near a hammock and then got a few floats. I headed to the bar and got a nice big pina colava and headed out to the water. I enjoyed chatting with DIS friends in the water just hanging onto my float and drink. It was pure heaven. The water was once again crystal clear and there were more fish over here. It was more rocky though, so you needed swim shoes if you planned to 'walk' on the bottom. I just used my float the entire time. I ended up getting burned since I was out there so long, even with sun block. This second picture below- you can see me floating way out there! The beach was quiet and serene and we really enjoyed it. After spending some time in the water, I then enjoyed the hammock for a bit.

About 1:30pm or so, we decided to head to get some lunch. There was a nice outdoor grill by the adult beach and we enjoyed hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, fruit, salad, ice cream and more. The food was good, plentiful and free of course. After that my parents were pretty pooped, so they headed back to the ship, with a stop at the on island store first.

About 3pm, if i remember right, the DIS group gathered at the heads up bar for a party/social. I headed over by myself and hung out with some of my DIS friends and enjoyed a free drink (another pina colava) courtesy of the DIS.

Here is Todd 'double fisting' it!

After spending an hour or so at the party, i was getting pretty hot and tired. Plus I was burned and well i am somewhat shy, so it's not like i was miss social butterfly by myself. But there was a guest coming.......Mickey made an appearance at this special DIS only party! I managed to get in line for a quick pic. After that, i headed back and dropped off some postcards at the post office and then got back on the ship, but not before Capt Hook lured me in for a pic right at the boat! I didn't get a pic with Capt Jack Sparrow, but maybe next time!

All in all, i have to say Castaway Cay was my favorite part of the cruise. I wish we stopped there twice. It was great to enjoy the adult beach and even if I had Will with me, we would have still enjoyed the family beach and they offer kids programs on the island too, so adults could still sneak away to the adult beach for a bit if they wanted. It truly was paradise. Next time I plan to maybe do something else fun- they offered a stingray adventure, parasailing and more.

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