Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 6- DIS Unplugged Podcast Cruise- Day at Sea

So day 6 of our trip, day 4 of our cruise (Wednesday) was our day at sea. We still had yet another busy day planned! I got up early and grabbed some breakfast then headed to the LIVE podcast recording at the Buena Vista Theatre that started at 9am. I got a good seat towards the front. It was great to see all of the podcast crew in person- after listening to them for the last year online. I finally got to put names with faces for each of them. They were just as hilarious as ever. The podcast included some comments from Lee Cockerell, a former recent VP of Operations for WDW. we also got to do a Q&A with him as well and he promised to take back some of our comments to Disney managment- like why the disney website is so horrible and if they will ever change the coffee they offer onsite at the parks and resorts (nescafe). After the podcast, Lee signed some books and then also gave a presentation for about an hour from 11-12. It was very interesting, he shared thoughts from his book "Creating Magic" which is intended to teach people to be great leaders, so it is popular business book. It uses examples from disney to illustrate his points. I stayed for his speech and got my book signed as well. The DIS provided the books to us for free!

After the presentation, it was almost time for our group photo at 1pm in the main lobby. There were 300 of us DIS'ers on the boat and most showed up for the photo! We managed to do it surprisingly fast!

After the group photo, i finally grabbed some lunch, I was starving! I checked out the menu at some of the sit down restaurants and buffet, but nothing really grabbed me, so I got a burger and fries at the fast food spot near the pool and ate in the shade on deck, enjoying the atmosphere. But my meal was quick, as I next had to head to the Twigirls and Twiguys meet at Tonya's stateroom. this was a quick get together for Twilight fans. Some of them brought gifts, cute bookmarks, pens and stuff. Tonya kindly hosted it in her HUGE stateroom. I think it was a category 4? Anyhow, it had a separate living area, dining area, bar, huge bedroom, large wrap around verandah and even a walk in closet. It was pretty amazing. Oh and two full baths. We enjoyed some cake and pie and discussed the books on the verandah, enjoying some sun.

I snuck out of the meet about an hour in to meet my mom at the spa. We had purchased the rainforest pass and had not used it yet and it was the last day. So we headed down to the spa and enjoyed just relaxing on the heated chairs and I also enjoyed the aromatherapy suana and mild sauna as well as the tropical shower. We spent a good hour or so there- it was about 5pm by the time we left. time to get ready for the last show- Disney Dreams. The show was at 6:15 and was fabulous. I mixed myself a drink to take with me. which speaking of, disney DOES allow you to bring alcohol on board, you just have to carry it on. So it was nice to enjoy a beer without paying for it! I did bring some malibu rum with me, but never used it, so brought it back home. the show was great and we highly enjoyed it! We headed back to the room to put our luggage in the hallway. You had to leave your luggage outside for the porters to take. So we had to pack earlier that afternoon. Now it was time for our last dinner. Tonight we dined at Triton's with a french theme.

The servers all carried flags from their countries and did a little parade around the restaurant, it was cute. Tonight I ordered the french onion soup which was very good. Then I had a nice steak with potatoes and it was delicious, cooked perfectly. It was my favorite meal of the trip and I forgot to take a photo of it! go figure. My parents tried the lobster macaroni which was highly recommended and they enjoyed it. I had chocolate mousse for dessert and again, my favorite dessert of the trip. We were sad to say good bye to our tablemates, they were great.

After dinner, it was nearing 11pm and once again, I was beat. I am not a night owl and as much as I wanted to join the festivities at wavebands, i decided to turn in, as we had an early morning. I knew they were doing karaoke that night, so i hated to miss it, but I heard all about it and sounded like it was a lot of fun. So I turned in and it was very rocky that night- the ship was really moving- we could hear the creaking in the room and see the curtain swaying. That actually helped me sleep very well.
Day 7 started bright and early-----it was Thursday and we had a scheduled breakfast time of 8:15 at Triton's. We enjoyed a nice breakfast but were a bit rushed, as we had to be off the ship by 9am usually. We gave our tips to our servers and bidded farewell and headed off the ship back into the port. We were taken downstairs to the area to find our luggage. Since we were some of the last ones off the boat, our luggage was easy to spot. We found a porter to help move it all for us. We were taking the Disney provided bus back to the airport. Our flight was at 2pm. We got on the bus and left a nice tip for the porter. The ride back was fine and we had time for lunch at the airport, so we enjoyed some snacks at Chili's to kill time. Our flight was delayed an hour due to weather in Dallas. We finally made it home after 5pm. Alan was there to pick me up and we headed to get William- i was so happy to see him after those 6.5 days!

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