Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our BIG boy at 18 months

So William had his 18month appt and is still a BIG boy and I am not just saying that. He is 34.75 inches tall (95th percentile), 29.2 lbs (85th percentile) and his head is still off the charts in size (thanks dad!). He is growing like a weed, running, sitting in booster chairs instead of high chairs, eating with utensils and slowly building his vocabulary with new phrases and words like 'stop' and 'move dog'- the 'move dog' is a very important one that is used a lot around here. LOL He had some blood drawn and is slightly anemic like me. He has more teeth coming in and actually likes us brushing his teeth, he wants us to use the electric toothbrush though, he thinks it is the coolest!

So here are a few pictures from our neighborhood block party the weekend after my trip (May 16th). We have a great small neighborhood with lots of young families and older retired couples. They had a bounce house, fire truck and lots of food and drinks. We also got a business card for some neighborhood teens that babysit, so we might actually be able to get out to more movies or dinner now! Will really enjoyed the bounce house!

We've been busy at the Peters house- we also did the Fort Worth Zoo last weekend. I wanted to go before it go too hot. We went on memorial day weekend, on Sunday. We met my BIL/MIL and their two kids out there. Will really enjoyed it- he wanted to see everything and run around. Here is Alan, Will and the penguins!

Our little man continues to show his OCD tendencies, much like me. Here he is lining up his 'lids'. I have a plastic box full of all the lids to his little cups and bowls. He loves that box and takes it out of the cabinet and plays with all the lids. He likes to hold them up and have me tell him what color they are too.

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