Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day at the Museum

We took the chance to spend our Friday off at the museum, in the a/c! Will and I met my mom, sister and her two kiddos at fair park at the Science museum. Will had a blast- we spent about 3 hours there. He loved the water table and the slide on the firetruck in the first floor children's museum.

He also loved the bubbles display- and watched me make some huge ones. "bubble" is his latest new word!

Our first stop before bubbles and the kids museum was actually the dino exhibit where they had a fossil dig for the kids. Will was unsure at first, but soon made himself at home, carefully sweeping sand into other kids faces.

After a long day at the museum, Will only took a short nap on the ride home. That night we headed to a parking garage at Willowbend mall to watch the Kaboom Town Addison fireworks- one of the biggest shows in TX. We had a great spot- we could see 3-4 shows- one from a nearby mall and some country clubs as well. it was great. Will enjoyed playing in the back of the truck with his firetruck!

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Allison said...

Isn't that just the greatest museum?! We loved it when we took the kids a month or two ago! We didn't get to experience the water tables or bubbles as they were doing maintenance in that room, so I can't imagine how much better it is with that room open.