Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red, White and too much blue!

Will had a little extra 'blue' this 4th of July. He tripped in our foyer and fell and his his face/eye area on the edge of the step. Good thing our steps are carpeted. Poor guy was finally getting rid of his 'black eye' he got about 3 weeks ago at the bounce house at day care. Now he hit that same eye area and his nose. It is turning black and blue yet again. He cried a bit, but toughed it out.

We spent the actual 4th aqt a friend's lakehouse in the evening. We headed to Lake Tawakoni about 4pm and arrived after 5pm. We enjoyed some cooking out and even took Will for his first boat ride, he even got in the water and swam with me. I rode the tube, which I am regretting today- talk about sore- i am too old for this! lol Will enjoyed playing with Jonah's power wheels which wasn't working, but Jonah pushed him some. I guess it is time to invest in one!

Will was getting a little fussy by the time it was dark, so we watched a few fireworks and headed out. He just wanted to run around, which wasn't safe with all the fire power they had shooting off in the back yard of the lakehouse! So we enjoyed watching lots of fireworks around the lake on our ride out. Will was pretty pooped, he even slept until 9am today! Alan and I both appreciated that!

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