Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting Hitched in Vegas

Okay, no not me (we got married at Mandalay Bay in Vegas 8 years ago!) but my good friend Alissa! She is getting married in sin city this weekend! Originally this was a 30th bday party she had planned, but then suddenly we learned there was going to be a wedding too. Alissa met Chris, a plano cop on a few months back. They have been stuck at the hip ever since and very happy. I think when you know, you know.

So Alan and I are making preparations for our trip. Will is going to be staying with my parents over the weekend. Our flight leaves midday on Friday and we return Monday afternoon- so 3 glorious nights in Vegas sans toddler! Looking forward to it very much!

Now Alissa and Chris sort of decided together to get married in Vegas and they also picked out a ring together. However, he had not yet given it to her. So he planned a great surprise involving the plano police to 'officially' propose and give her the ring. Alan, Will and I hid out with some other friends on the Blue Goose restaurant's patio where we had a clear view of the action in the parking lot. Chris had met her for a movie and staged a 'break in' of her car. He then made up an excuse where he had to leave, leaving her there with a cop taking down the full report for her. Then he has another cop drive up, and Chris poses in different clothing/hat as a suspect. They have Alissa come over to see if this 'suspect' has her stuff (backpack, CDs) etc. She is all set to 'identify' her stuff, when he is there on the curb, faking as a suspect and proposes. Lots of fun and she was totally surprised, but still worried about her car.......which the window was actually rolled down with fake broken glass. Here are a few pics....
Later that evening I partook in the customary bachelorette party activities. I was the DD this time, so I had one drink at dinner and that was it, I am such a lightweight and very anti-drunk driving, so that was it. We had a nice dinner at Mi Cocina, complete with inappropriate gifts and all. I realized shortly after being sat, they had put us in a back corner separate from the main restaurant......they must have realized we were trouble! After a nice dinner, we proceeded to Cape Buffalo to dance the night away. A great band was playing and the girls had a great time, closing down the bar at 2am, way past my normal 10-11pm bedtime! After a stop at whataburger, I finally got the girls home and was in bed at about 4am, only to be waken up by Will at about 9am. Talk about no fun. I think Alissa had a great time though as her last night out as a single woman! She's been looking for Mr. Right for a LONG time and I am so thrilled she found him and can't wait to be a part of her special day! and yeah, it won't hurt if I can win some money on the craps table too!
Our plans for vegas include seeing a show called BITE on Friday at the Stratosphere, wedding on Saturday afternoon, nice lunch (sushi/steak), pool time at the Monte Carlo, then hitting the town on Saturday night for gambling and clubs. Sunday, more pool time and Alan and I are seeing Zumanity (Cirque De Soleil) at New York New York. We will get downtown at some point to play craps at the shoe, our favorite spot. Hopefully we come back winners!
Me, Alissa (yes, she is 6'2) and Jennifer

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Kelly said...

Have a blast in Vegas Michelle!!! How awesome! What a cute story too...make sure to take lots of pics! :)