Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sin City Trip-----The Disaster

So our trip to Vegas didn't go quite as planned. I'll spare you the gory details, but here are the highlights:'

  • Alan and I spent some quality time together sans kiddo!
  • Alissa looked beautiful in her gown
  • Wedding was great, yes, I cried a bit!
  • Meals were overall pretty good
  • hit $50 once on a wheel of fortune slot
  • did okay at craps for a while (later lost)
  • SW Steakhouse was great!
  • Minus 5 Ice bar was very cool - drank out of an ice cup!
  • VIP section with bottle service courtesy of Alissa's friends (Kimberly and Web) was great
  • Had great fun with my friends
  • yummy bloody marys!
  • got a refund for our cancelled one night hotel
  • William learned to say Papa (what we call grandpa) while we were gone
  • new pool at Golden Nugget was cool
  • cool little book shop at the Palazzo with first editions and rare finds was fun to look around in
  • great limo driver drove us out of his way to the Las Vegas sign to get a pic
  • nice folks let us 'cut in line' to get our pic at the Las Vegas sign, helps having a bride with you I guess!


  • We missed our outbound flight on Friday at 2:15, just missed the checked bag cutoff by a minute
  • Couldn't rebook until the next day, everything was booked solid
  • Spent countless time on phone with airlines and travelocity, had to cancel one night hotel
  • Lost money on everything we played!!! We usually win a little, not to be this trip
  • Scary cab drivers and female cabbie that talked our ears off
  • Weather- hot, yet humid----ugh!
  • Zumanity- because we cancelled one night's hotel, our show tickets for Zumanity were cancelled as well, but we didn't realize that until we went up the Will Call desk all ready to see it. but obviously didn't get to
  • American Airlines cancelled our return flight (direct, at 8;30am arriving 1pm)----called us on my cell the night before
  • AA couldn't rebook us on a direct flight back- couldn't get us anything early like our original until I finally spoke with a supervisor........and then he got us on a 6:30am flight with a connection. not ideal, but I was just defeated at that point.
  • spent an hour on the phone with AA trying to rebook THEIR cancelled flight. i was supposed to be having a nice nap instead!
  • we missed our little guy!
  • our heating element in our dryer went out the day before leaving
  • our verizon lan line phone lines all went dead before leaving- still trying to fix
  • our so-called strip view wasn't as great as I hoped, the new city center blocked our view down the strip pretty much. We could see the MGM and that was about it
  • never got in any pool time
  • guy passed out on bench in Venetian on sat night- security and EMT had to be called. people were sitting down and having their pic made with him while he was passed out......not really that funny.
  • Minus 5 lost our friends credit card, she had to call and cancel it
  • lots of little babies in strollers with parents trying to gamble in the casino only to be told you can't bring your baby to the slot machine

AND pics!!!

Getting ready on Saturday am before wedding at 11:30am

The happy couple!

The entire group

alan and I at the Venetian on Sat night

Alissa and I at Minus 5 with the crazy penguin stalking her

alan at Serendipity 3 for lunch at Caesar's

the cool new pool at the Golden Nugget with slide going through aquarium

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