Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scary Trashman!

Well as you know, our little man is obsessed with trash cans. He has a whole collection upstairs in his playroom and he likes to pretend to throw away stuff (toys) and bag it up and move it to another trash can. So we figured, what better for halloween, than to make him a trash can! I found some costume ideas online and came up with this. now I don't sew, so this ended up being pretty easy! duck tape to the rescue! We already had an oscar the grouch t-shirt (again, since he loves trash cans!), and it worked out perfectly under the costume!
He got tons of comments on his costume at his day care fall festival! he also enjoyed trick or treating in it, although it was hard to walk far or fast in it!

and here is our spooky front porch for the big day with two fog machines!

William liked handing out candy more than he liked getting it I think. In fact, he tried to hand out some of his own candy to the kids. We didn't have a ton of trick or treaters this year, so lots of leftovers for the office! Will isn't a big sweets eater- he likes M&Ms and a few other things, but he just isn't a candy nut (unlike me!)

done trick or treating- until next year! Happy Halloween!

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